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    Jan 2011

    Anyone else think we traded the wrong goalie?

    Varlamov seems to be finding more consistency in streaks, coupled with a bigger frame and I believe evident athletic superiority compared with Neuvrith.Neuvrith constantly gets beat stick side shoulder, if only he were 6'4. If I were to play this season out, I would have Vokoun play streaks of three straight games with Neuvrith coming in for two and then going back to Vokoun. V clearly has fatigue issues and he is not as quick to switch positioning, right post left post, which bothers me,ergo play him less but keep him as proverbial 'guy'. I know its taboo to rotate goalies in the playoffs but frankly I don't care V can't possibly do it the whole time, and neither can Neuvrith.

    P.S. Is it evident to any fans that the talent on our team is predicated on potential of our young defensemen like John Carlson and Dmitri Orlov and not necessarily by their performance. I don't think were as good as people say we are on paper, and I believe the team has read too much about where they should be and not the work it takes to get there. We have a lot of gritty scrubs and average talent coupled with 'potential stars' but were not consistent as a team nor as individuals. Its great that Dimitri Orlov is playing solidly and is only 20 but again he is only playing solid hockey nothing 'elite' about his play so far. Don't get me started on Schultz.

    pss. Ovechkin needs to lose 20 pounds. His playing weight currently is 245 and he came into the league at 218. I was at the Toronto game the other night, he is slow, his stick handling is porous and his stamina isn there. It was just by sheer luck that his positioning enabled him an uninhibited line of sight to the net 8 feet from it for the game winner.

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    Honestly why do you give a crap when you got what you got for Varly? You got a 1st, 2nd, and another 2nd for Varlamov... Varlamov

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    Mar 2012
    The Caps are working hard right now to make the playoffs, might be too late but it's good to see them able to work together.

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    you guys got a 1st round pick for Varlamov. not a bad deal

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