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Once next season starts, we can have argument if Hodgson is a bust or not. This is his 1st full season in the league with 2 teams for GOD SAKE! If he sucks next year with the chemestry of a new Sabres (which I expect) and a full training camp, then this thread is lagit. Hodgson's not a washed-up Brad Boyes and this a transition year 4 him. The points will come, wait for him to get use 2 this team. Last 5 games of the season would be a good start to get scoring. Man, U hate Hodgson like Stephen A. Smith hates Tebow.
And he cannot even get a shot on goal in a shootout. WTF

Its not that I hate him as much as I Hated the trade. AGAIN, Vacouver only has Sedin and Kessler at Center. The Sabres have been looking for a Center for 5-years. With not a lot of options available, Why would a team with only 2Centers, and no depth incase of an injury, then trade away Hodgson if he is so good?

That has to make you wonder if Vancouver sees him as a fluke. Or is it because they see that Kassian will be 10x's better then Hodgson.

Now remember, we all watched Kassian play here. We all have heard the stories about his play in Rochester. With that said, it is not normal that Vancouver, with a star young rookie center and 16 goals, then would trade that caliber player, for what we have seen in Kassian in Buffalo. UNLESS Hodgson is simply not that good.

For Hodgson to come in here, not put up any points then proving he is a defensive liability through 10 games, will tell you that Darcy bombed another one. If KAssian was called up and had Hodgson's scoring Line, he would be demoted back to Rochester in 3 seconds. Once again proving that Ruff is forced to play the scabs, Darcy continuously brings in here.

In the Last 9 games, Hodgson has been on the ice for 8 out of the 16 even strength goals scored against Miller. 50%. Horrible numbers for a player who was suppose to help us.