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    8 40.00%
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    What's the point???

    i was debating this the other day, and the whole thing doesn't make much sense to me anymore..

    I am adressing the topic of how the playffs are set up currently, in the way at which 16 teams are seperated into east and west conferences.

    At this point of time i just think this system is outdated, pointless, and in some aspects unfair.

    Things you could argue for it:

    + It is traditional, all the eastern/western conference championships teams have one, banners would become ditto if system was abolished.

    Yes this is true, but in all honesty i think moving on from this is not really the issue, put into simple terms, I don't think anyone (fans, not players) really ever cared about winning the eastern/western conference championship, the Finals is what wveryone really cares about

    + Travel, in a matchup like L.A vs new york, the travel would become extremely difficult and could impact the players play.

    This is true, this could be difficult, but this matchup is in fact possible in todays system, if these teams were to face in the finals. I think simply spreading out the playoff schedule in situations like this to give the teams more time to be physically prepared for the games after long distance travel could be a solution. Reducing individual playoffs series to 3 games could be an idea to accommodate the issue of pro-longed playoff duration if this was needed to change the playoff system

    Reasons why it should be changed:

    It's unfair:

    the east are top heavy, and the west have more depth.

    This problem, which has been the case for many yeas now, results in teams with better records missing the playoffs, whilst teams in the east, occasionally with losing records making the playoffs.
    there is no ounce in fairness to this, and i'm not sure why the nba hasn't thought to address this issue, clearly there is a fault in the system.

    Example: 2008-09 season

    Golden state failed to make the playoffs with a 48-34 record.

    The eastern standings this year were;

    1. Boston 66-16
    2. Detroit 59-23
    3. Orlando 52-30
    4. Cleveland 45-37
    5. Washington 43-39
    6. Toronto 41-41
    7. Philadelphia 40-42
    8. Atlanta 37-45

    Thats 5 teams that were unfairly positioned to play in the playoffs ahead of goldenstate..

    This year the same thing is happening

    If the season ended today, 4 teams would be snubbed a spot in the playoffs, because of what conference they are in, rather than how they performed.

    The playoffs should be changed to top 16 teams, and they should square off in orders 1 vs 16, 2v15. 3 v 14 and so on.

    What do you think
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    If the playoffs were to start today under your proposed system, New York would be out, and Minnesota would be in. Also, the only sub-.500 team (NY) would be out, so all playoff teams would have winning records.

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    Reducing individual playoff series to 3 games is bit extreme don't ya think? The whole long distance travel thing is a pain though
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    I actually like the top 16 teams idea, Kenny Smith brought this idea up on Open Court.

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    One thing I don't often see mentioned in this debate is the effect on regular season travel. If the East/West playoffs are removed there's no need for conferences at all, and you can realign in a way that stops teams like Minny, Memphis, and even the Texas teams and OKC flying back and forward to the West Coast every week (and the West Coast teams flying out to those places).
    Take a look at the map of NBA cities, and it's pretty easy to see that a realignment that sees Minny play the Lakers/Clippers/Warriors/Suns/etc a few times less, and the Bucks/Bulls/Pacers/Pistons/etc a few times more will cut some serious travel miles.
    It'd be a huge task to analyze it fully, but it wouldn't be a huge surprise to me if the overall effect - regular season + playoffs - was actually to reduce travel miles.

    Of course that's just teams - a big part of the playoff travel issue is that an increased amount of media goes back and forth too - but the regular season travel thing still needs to be taken into account more than it is.
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    Besides, the NBA isn't nearly as imbalanced as it used to be 5-6 years ago. The East has 7 teams that would be in the West playoffs right now with NY being the only outlier.
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    the problem with this is that it'd erase any idea of separation/distinctiveness of the conferences.which is a deep rooted mental need of everyone

    but yeah sorry that your team gets screwed over cuz of the current format

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    not to rain on parade but it's not going to happen

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    Definitely. That way the undeserving teams like new York won't be in the playoffs

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    Conferences can stay in place simply for division winners seeding. Division winners get the top seeds then best records fill the rest of the field. Its a very good idea in theory, but there are always going to be those who oppose change. It would make for a more interesting playoff tournament that's for damn sure.
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    To each their own, but I disagree. I like the current format and do not want to see it change.

    #1) I could care less about the team finishing 9th and 10th in their conference. In a normal season you play your conference opponents either 4 or 3 times, that gives you enough time to earn a top 8 spot, if you can't oh well. Also these teams that finish 9th are more than likely not going to be a realistic threat in the playoffs anyway so it's not like we are not giving teams a chance as in college football.

    #2) I like the current format of playing 2 games against the opposing conference and 3,4 against your conference. The separate and distinct makes sense to me, not only for the nba, but all sports... East/West AFC/NFC AL/NL I think being distinct makes things better.

    #3) You lose good playoff rivalries. Think about the Knicks/Pacers, Lakers/Kings, without conferences those constant matchups do not happen. Now I am looking forward to the Bulls/Heat Matchups and OKC/LA matchups. Having 1-16 you just have random teams playing each other and no real chance to build playoff rivalries we can look forward to seeing.

    The NBA playoffs have been great lately. It's why I have gotten back in to the NBA these past years even purchasing league pass. The NBA was down for me, now it is back up to my #2 sport close behind the NFL. It's even coming close to being my favorite. If it is not broke do not fix it. I am not for changing tradition, rivalries, and conferences all for some teams who finish #9 and #10 in their conferences... Step your game up and do better.

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    Things like that happen in all sports. In 2008, Matt Cassel led the Patriots to an 11-5 record, tied for first place in the AFC East with the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins won the division with a slightly better conference record, and the two wild card spots went to the 12-4 Ravens and the 11-5 Colts (who beat the Patriots by a field goal in the regular season). The Patriots didn't make the playoffs, while many NFL teams with lesser records did (10-6 Vikings, 9-7 Cardinals, 9-6-1 Eagles).

    Even considering that (which sucked, as a Patriots fan), I do not want to see the conferences removed. Long-standing division and conference rivalries aren't nearly as relevant in the NBA as in the NFL (where every win truly matters), but they do still have importance. How wrong would it be to see the Celtics face the Lakers... in the second round of the playoffs? Or to see a Finals series between the Spurs and Thunder? It just seems wrong.

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    So, your proposal is to eliminate potentially 4 games from each series, making it more random and less likely the better team will advance while also increasing travel costs and simultaneously reducing the amount of revenue each team generates for being in the playoffs? Yeah, I'm sure the NBA's going to go for that. /sarcasm

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    thats how it works in europe.

    But could only be made if teams played the same number of game against each other.

    Because if teasm plain mainly against their own coast and their coast is weaker the teams getting to playoffs will still be rated unfairly.

    My proposal 58 games seasons 2 games ( one home one away) against each nba team, top 16 make playoffs.

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    I disagree strongly. Not only should there be conferences and divisions. Winning the division and conferences should count for more. I would like to see the playoffs teams cut from 8 each conference to 6 giving the top two seeds a 1st round bye. 16 teams out of 30 shouldn't be making the playoffs. I would also reduce the playoffs to best of 5 through out.

    I would like the whole season cut by 24-30 games and have each teams play the teams within their division twice as much. Their should be some bad blood in the NBA that simply doesn't exist. Rivalries are a thing of the past. With less games to make the playoffs and having to face the same teams more often I think we'll see guys battle much harder.

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