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Big huge no to Nash, do you see what they are asking for? We would need to give up Granlund+Hacket+Coyle and picks it is not worth it. Coyle could be the next Nash. Dont doubt that. He went from a high prospect to a blue chip. Not often can a college player leave play in juniors and just dominate physically with a longer schedule.

Coyle's leaving to play juniors was a knock on him because he is older and physically more mature than anyone he was playing against. A lot of people see his numbers as misleading given he is 2-3 older then a good portion of the kids he is playing against.

And trading for Rick Nash was an example of the type of move Fletch wants to make, not the one he should make. Although I think you're being a little dramatic on the asking price. Look what Carter got traded for with a better contract.