Columbus is on a tear, if they and Anaheim and teams like that keep it up there is a real chance for us to be 3-4, and you can win in the lottery and move up one spot. So going from 3 to 2 is a huge deal. #2 lands us Grigor who is probably a more complete/NHL ready player then anyone else in the draft, with Yakupov having all-star written all over him he still needs size and to work on playing in all ends. I see this draft being very close (when talking about the first 2 picks, the entire draft is probably one of the deepest in...well I cant honestly think of the last draft like this one) to the Hall-Seguin year. But I think Yakupov and Grigor are better then Hall-Seguin coming into the draft. Even Forsberg at #3 would be great, Dumba at #4 or Murray. No matter what if we keep this us we are going to draft someone great. I also think Dumba could come in and play in the NHL, and thats super rare for a D.