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    Nov 2006

    New guy with question

    I am new to this board, but I don't understand why as Mets fans we can't talk about other matters in MLB?

    It's not like anyone is forced to read any thread that doesn't interest them. Is there a maximum thread count for this board?

    I was interested in other Mets fans opinions on the Braun issue. It shouldn't have offended anyone, and if the Braun issue didn't interest someone here then they didn't need to click on the thread.

    I understand removing a thread that offends or upsets someone, but this was neither, nor did I try to hide what the tread was about.

    So from now on if I want Mets fans opinions about others MLB issues, I'll go somewhere else.

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    Aug 2004
    The Boogie Down
    This forum is dedicated to the Mets and Met related topic only, as the other mod suggested visit the mlb forum or other teams forum when you want to discuss something not relating to the Mets.

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