I think his tone says it all.

The way he completely depressed about the whole thing (this is after they won ... so at a time when he should be the normal upbeat Martin St Louis we get this)


I would be suprised if he isn't asking for a trade to a team he can win another cup on before he retires. I mean just look at his body language and his voice ... this is not a guy happy with the direction of the team.

Add in to that Kubina's comments:

He called Jeff Vinick a class act and thanked his fellow players. He didn't even mention his Coach or GM.

Downie's comments were pretty damning last night on NHL network also. He flat out said he would be happy to get away from the current administration and that he will miss the Fans and all his fellow players.

Sure we are winning right now. But some of that is the OMG don't make me move effect ... they all know the only safe player is Stamkos.

I was actually looking over Detroit's draft stats for the last 30 years.

Of all thier draft picks about 30% of them make the NHL of those only about 12% even play for the Wings.

I have read a lot of talk about how Stevie Y is just following the Red Wings formula for success. Which is actually doing what they did yesterday ... not thier awesome drafting.

They got a player they wanted by giving up a pick in a weak draft.