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    Dwight the Scumbag Howard busted: reason he wants to stay.....

    The Magic intensified efforts to trade Dwight Howard to the Nets on Wednesday, which may be part of the reason why he declared his intent to sign the early termination waiver form on Thursday.

    A trade to the Nets could cost Howard a playoff appearance, as the team currently stands 4.5 games behind the Bucks for the No. 8 seed.

    A league source said that missing out on the playoffs would cost Howard significant bonuses from his Adidas contract.*

    Via J.A. Adande/ESPN

    Read more: http://basketball.******.com/wiretap...#ixzz1pBP7oFR0
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    Doesn't he have a 200 Million dollar contract on the table? I wonder how much he loses (can't be too much compared to that amount). I say ship his *** for free to the Bobcats to teach him a lesson.

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    I've lost a lot of respect for dwight in this whole process. I don't know whats truth or fiction but this has really gotten out of hand. I bet orlando magic fans cant wait till today finishes.

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    with dwight opting in then we would be going through the dwight drama until the 2013 trade deadline

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    At this point I'm hoping that ORL trades him to NJ and gets a decent haul. I know that their FO has had their heads in the sand for quite some time, but this whole situation must really suck for Magic fans.
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    It's whatever. He's just another player now. I was always a big supporter of him, but after all this bs, I'm done with it
    Quote Originally Posted by heimdog8 View Post
    I didn't want to throw this information out here. I was a 3 year varsity starter at QB in high school. I played quarterback in junior college as well. I was considering playing division 1 football as well but chose to pursue my career in business instead. However, currently I am helping train with Derek Carr from Fresno State get ready for his pro day and the draft. I am also working with Cody Kessler, the USC quarterback.

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    I used to think the media took advantage of his honesty, but its him who is taking advantage of the loyalty the Magic are showing him. I dont care who is in his ear or what pressure he is getting to move to Brooklyn, be a man. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

    Trade him already and gut the Nets. Show him what its like to not have a team that is a contender.

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    Another bitter magic fan lol although it's partly justified I guess

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    i really hope he goes to New Jersey with a gutted roster w/ Antoine Walker as the starting SF.....First Melo, then Paul now Dwight...its getting sickening..John Lucas III took down the Miami Heat tonight..Why isn't Lucasanity all over ESPN. ..its all Dwight and his BS..league has turned TMZ with the trade talks.

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    I do want to say a reporter is saying this is a reason not Dwight.

    Who knows what Dwight is thinking. Fans are to hard on specific players for things like this. My opinion hasn't changed of Dwight, Melo, Bosh, Lebron, or any other player because of them telling a team where they want to be.

    Also a reporter is saying that Dwight is considering signing the extension so he does not miss out on a bonus but fails to mention the big new endorsement deal which would be considerably more for going to Brooklyn.

    Hate Dwight if you want but when a topic head is Dwight the Scumbag Howard busted you just sound bitter and resentful and I doubt your opinions are coming from the right place. I think it is an overly emotional overreaction to a story from a reporter that did not get a quote from Dwight and is just speculating.

  11. 03-15-2012, 08:34 AM
    don't bring race or anybody's color into this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rapjuicer06 View Post
    It's whatever. He's just another player now. I was always a big supporter of him, but after all this bs, I'm done with it

    As a lifelong Magic fan, I've lived trough a lot of disappointing moments. When everyone in Orlando was calling for the stable Emeka Okafor. Magic management, said "no, we love this christian kid from Atlanta". I then watch this skinny tall kid, flourish under the Magic name taking us to a finals, and giving us the much needed "House that D12 Built". Grabbed the eyes of the nation at a slam dunk contest. Magic fans all but forget about a guy named Shaq.

    This long drawn out process and constant changing of his mind has been ruthless on Magic fans. He was my favorite athlete by far less then a year ago. Now, I could never don a D12 jersey or shoe. I've watched him railroad his legacy in Orlando. He would've had his face and name on a building, street and park, in every Central Florida county. That is what sucks the most about this. Why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drose View Post
    Another bitter magic fan lol although it's partly justified I guess
    true and true

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    You shouldn't assume such things. That may have been a factor in his decision, but I personally don't think that's the ONLY reason he'll stay.
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    How can you guys keep believing these stupid articles that are pure speculation? No one knows what Dwight is thinking, and the vast majority of the crap that has come out over the last few days has been BS. Please stop being so gullible and believing everything you read.

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    This is becoming a common trend with the players of this generation, if their team fails in a short period of time.. they simply give up on the team and feel the only way they can win a ring is moving on somewhere else like LeBron and Bosh, their needs to be more guys like Dirk that can endure getting your heart broken but not giving up and eventually coming out on top.

    This signiture sucks but I get my point across, I'll pay someone for something more legit! Go Vikes!

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