Hal Gill, who helped to mentor PK traded in what could be PGs only good move to date (although I was happy to see Cammy gone).

Hal Gill + cond. 5th Rd


2nd Rd + Blake Geoffrion + Robert Slaney

Now personally I would of been happy with the 2nd rounder or Geoffrion but both and Slaney (although he might never wear the CH).

Geoffrion will be a solid 2 way physical presence on the 4th line along with Ryan White on the other wing. The 2nd rounder in 2012, in a deep draft, could be traded or used to draft a nice prospect.

With Tinordi, Beaulieu coming up and PK, Gorges, Emelin, Diaz (maybe Markov, but lets forget him) being a decent top 4, its not a good move.

However I still want to see Kaberle and Campoli shipped off for a bag of pucks.