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    Jul 2010

    Are the Roy Rumors True????

    There are two sites, along with a crap load of Canadian fans, who are saying it is all over Montreal radio stations, that Roy has been, or is about to be traded to Montreal. The deal is for Roy and 2 other Sabres to Montreal, for two of the following, Kaberle, Cole, Eller and Moane.

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    Google comes up with nothing, ******** nothing, Twitter cites the rumor as coming from HockeyBuzz.
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    Huh. Wonder why Landry is getting paid so much...

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    ESPN and other are reporting that Roy, Stafford, and Boyes are on the block... They go so far as saying all three are top 6 forwards, which is good to hear too!!

    I'm a fan of Cole - he is a notch above Boyes all day long!

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    Jul 2010
    It could be Roy, Boyes and Stafford for Tomas Plekanec, Erik Cole, Tomas Kaberle, which then would save montreal 1.5 million. Kaberle will take Webers spot because he needs about 6 more years in Rochester.

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    I don't know; in my mind all three of these guys aren't worth a thing. I wouldn't trade for them. I think this is just Buffalo fans blowing smoke. Any decent team should recognize that these guys aren't worth anything of value.

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