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Rookie? Nonsense? I may not have posted as much as you guys, but I know football. Peyton is a great Regular season performer. Eli has demonstrated that he is a very good postseason performer. I personally want to win championships versus regular season games. Don't give me passer ratings or statistical jargon. The eyeball test shows Peyton has a propensity to shrink in big moments. Eli rises to the occasion. This is a legit question. Unless you like losing to the Titans at home in a divisional playoff game('99), @Dolphins wilcard('00), @Jets wilcard('02), @NE ('03 & '04) and Pitt at home in ('05). The level of playoff futility falls directly at his feet. Eli may have struck oil, but he did it twice and made it look easy. I love watching playoff performers rise up. He's done that. If you would have told me this in August, I would have thought you were crazy. Not now.
if you are hoenstly saying peyton isn't as good as eli, then this is clearly not true