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Thread: Trade Deadline

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    ya that game last night was pretty brutal to watch

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    A little late but here's my take

    Zids Trade..

    Wow, we totally railroaded them on this. We trade a guy with 4 mill cap hit who is a cancer on the team and knowingly wants out with a NTC on his side to "pick and choose his destiation" And we Pull two players, a high prospect/player in Palmieri and one maybe two picks..

    I think Foster and Stephan are basically salary match because of the financial situation in NJ. Both have potential to be solid, but I dont' see either being resigned in the offseason unless they show us something slightly above solid through the year.

    Palmieri is quite young and has the frame and skill set to be a 2-3rd liner and on the MOST upside a top liner, but i'm not gonna get my hopes up here.

    2nd rounder is great, 3rd rounder conditional on NJ making the East finals and Zid playing 75% of the games in the playoffs in 2012.. I'm gonna bet that we only get the 2nd rounder. If they make the East it also only hurts the chances of Parise leaving since it would show that they are a contender.

    Zannon trade was not a salary dump I don't think. Lots of talk about him just not fitting into the system well. A good blue collar guy who came to work everyday but did not likely have a future with the team. This is a "take what you can get" situation. If Kampfer turns out great, maybe it just adds depth to the AHL.. Either way this is better than letting him walk for nothing at the end of the year. I have to assume Lundin would have been in the same situation had he been healthy at all this year.. as it is, we sit on him and probably loose him in the offseason unless we sign him very cheap on a 2 way deal. Who cares what the Boston fans think. Kamfer is better than nothing even if all he ever turns into is a servicable AHL depth guy.

    Schultz for Gilbert. Lets just say Gilberts' into at the X didn't go to well and I don't think that helped him. We delt from a position of relative strenght (Allbe it not overly strong) for a position of significant weakness. (Offensive D) Sounds like Gilbert is a pretty solid 2 way guy with Offensive upside. I hate to see Schultz go, he has been a rock for the organization.. But only time will tell on this trade. At an additional 500K Cap hit for the same duration I'll take this. We have a lot of young D-men coming up that are more D oriented. Thats why they signed the extension to (I forget if it was Prosser or spergion(SP?)) earlier this year. I'll reserve final judgment on this one for a while, but for now I think that it is a push and I think it was a deal based on need and intent.

    So... 4-0. Talk about lack of effort.. I'm affraid if this keeps up Cal is going to kill someone on our team!!!

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