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Thread: Trade Deadline

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tg1;20895991[U
    ]"Parise wants to play for a winner." I love the wild, but NJ is 5th in the East right now.. Why on Gods green earth would he want to be traded to a bubble team if he wants to play for a winner?[/U] The wild have a good looking future, but the future is not now. PLEASE DO NOT TRADE FOR HIM UNLESS WE ARE ABLE TO NEGOTIATE A DEAL BEFORE THE TRADE HAPPENS.. Just wait and play out the FA market. And IF we sign him, don't sign him to a lock down long term deal that handcuffs us in the future. We have a lot of solid prospects coming up and if 2-3 of them turn into studs we want to be able to keep them too..

    Zids will be gone (I hope) NO way do we get a top 6 guy for him.. HE HAS ZERO GOALS THIS YEAR!!!! We will be lucky to get a 3rd rounder for him with his Cap hit and low productivity this year.

    I say try to sign harding 2-3 years between 1-2.5 mill per. Then try to shop Backstrom.
    If we can't move him this year, we will probably be able to at the deadline next year. UNLESS we are in the hunt.. Then we keep him through the season and let him go. That way you have OPTIONS. If you are ready to bring up Hacket you still have Harding. for a couple years. start harding the first year hacket is up, then trade him. Low Cap hit, potential high productivity goallie?? Teams would salivate.

    If we fall out of contention trade Zanon. If not keep him for the year unless someone blows our minds in an offer. He is a SOLID roll player and teams that win the cup have versions of him on the roster. He is the only one on ours. we are luck to get a mid round pick for him.

    I say trade lundin for a bag of pucks and 1/2 of a broken stick.. (And it doesn't even need to be a full bag maybe just 4 or 5 pucks) He hasn't played much, and thus hasn't shown much.. Teams won't exactly be banging down our doors for him.

    I like the Christensen trade. Wellman was becoming burried in our propsect depth. At one point he was our prospect depth, but times have finally changed for the better. It would be better to have him on a team where he can consistently play in the minors rather than be back and fourth here all the time. Christensen can stick in the big team and play a gritty 3rd linner roll and move up or down as needed (Also known as Brodziak insurance). I'm not tickled by the trade, but it makes sense.

    Brodziak would actually be solid trade bait if we fall out of contention and determine that is the way we are going to go. Offer him a contract now and if he balks get something in return for him. I like him quite a lot, but we need to continue to think about the future. If he won't sign a moderate price deal for 2-3 years.. Buh bye.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP RIPPING FLETCHER FOR THE LEDDY TRADE!!!!!! Leddy would NOT have the points he has right now if he were on this team!! No way... No how... We traded him and Johnson (that goodness he is gone) for a high 1st rounder and 3 years on his deal.. That was a "change of scenery" move for Barker and obviously it didn't work. Barker SUCKS.. We got hosed. but Leddy is not the puck moving D-man that would put us over the top! How do you think Montreal felt about the gui for puliot trade when gui rocked the Ex for a year.. Hasn't Fletcher made enough solid/good moves in the draft and trades to get us past this? Heatly for Havlat any one?? Please Havlat is crap on a very good team.. Gui and Puliot.. Minus the concussion we ROBBED Them... But they don't even have puliot any more either. Kobesew wasn't a great deal but wasn't bad. Again he was servicable. Burns for Seto, a 1st rounder (phillips) AND Coyle.. I don't care how seto and burns look this year Seto alone was an even swap for Burns when this team can't score at all. but Phillips and Coyle on top of it???

    Ok, i think i'm done for now.. Thanks for reading

    I want Minny to go after Parise in the offseason, not give anything up for him as a rental.

    As for Leddy it was such a poor trade. I have let it go but no one can say it was good, would have rather kept KJ and Leddy and left Barker, we gave up a first round pick for Barker.... Not smart.

    We do finally have some depth with talent coming down the pipes so lets hope fletcher decides to hang onto them.
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