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    It's definitely annoying. We paid $15 for that candy. You would think the parents would be responsible enough to either not let the kids eat the candy or they would buy more candy. I kind of wonder if my cousin's husband ate it and blamed it on the kids.

    They're not our favorite relatives anyway. Last year we got them gifts and they gave us a card saying they couldn't afford to give us gifts. They're the kind of people who spend any extra money they have on themselves and then they say they can't afford to buy anyone gifts, and it's the same excuse year after year. They get thousands back on taxes and go to Wrestlemania yet they can't spend even $10 a piece on us.

    My uncle is inconsiderate and his daughter (this same cousin) (who is considerate) married a man who is as inconsiderate as her dad and as controlling as her step-father. So we shouldn't be surprised that we don't get anything from them ever. Her husband doesn't seem to care about anything other than himself and sometimes his wife and kids.
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