I have been wanting Darcy fired for years, but everyone kept saying, give him a chance. Once a new owner is in and the restricitions are lifted, he will be a great GM. Of course everyone was wrong.

I would like to give that same chance to Lindy. If this team was failing with the lineup Anaheim has, then its time for him to go. But the fact is, Ruff is failing with a team full of third line 4 million per season players that Darcy thinks is good enough to win. Lindy's hockey system, which is a very defensive minded system, is based on the fact that with the exception of Vanek, this team does not have any natural goal scorers. If Lindy had Getzloff, Perry, Ryan, Selanne, Kouvu, then of course the system wouldnt be defensive minded. He does what he needs to do because Darcy filled he roster with crap. If you look around the league, Every single team has a top 5 better then the Sabres. If you look at every teams minor league system, again, almost every team has better prospects then us. This season is not because of the coach.