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    Quote Originally Posted by PSD-Team View Post
    Sorry if I offended anyone. Kings Analyst...we're good, buddy. Thanks for the PM.

    I'm relatively new around here and ever since my first day on the site every one of my posts has been abused by someone. I'm going to be making some changes to this Feedback forum, until then I'll bite my tongue.

    Thanks for reeling me back in guys.
    People have been mad at SDI for years now. and rightfully so. the way they have ran this site is pathetic. whenever there is a problem or a suggestion, it gets ignored for months, and then Mr. PSD would come on and give some BS excuse and then we don't see him for months.

    people are frustrated about the lack of communication SDI has with the site, and when they do communicate it's pathetic. so when you started posting here, everyone was already mad at SDI. and then when you started posting you were making all of the problems out to be our computers, when they clearly were not. it was frustrating. and then on top of that, you handle the baiting in a very unprofessional manner by just making threats, and it basically just confirms to people how bad SDI is about communicating.

    I'll admit I've probably baited you a few times, but I, and everyone else, is really frustrated.

    If you started fixing all the problems once you joined, then everyone would love you. instead you just tell us the same things we've been told for years now. things like "it's next on the list" or "I'll pass it on to the IT guys" and "try clearing your cache"

    sorry if I sound harsh, but I'm just telling you how people feel. I know everyone, including you, want the site to run good. but just years of being ignored has just built up frustration amongst the members.
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