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    Mar 2010
    Location: Between Georgia and Texas (Special Ops)
    Fav. current Saint: Drew Brees
    Fav. former Saint: Ken Stabler
    How long a fan: 1978 (I was 10 yrs old)
    How I became a Saints fan: Watching folks put Brown Bags over their Heads
    Other sports : Ole Miss, Southern Mississippi and the Oklahoma Sooners
    Story behind User name: Was given to me from Special Ops over the years
    To add: My hobby is Call of Duty Black Ops/Black Ops2

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    May 2014
    New Orleans
    Drew Brees
    Joe Horn
    Late 90's
    It's my home town team
    St. Louis cards and blues chicago bulls, I do root and go to Pels games, but they're not my fav.
    One of my favorite colors is silver and it was going to be SilverFalcon, but SilverFalco sounds much better.

    NFL: New Orleans Saints
    NBA: Chicago Bulls
    NHL: Anahiem Mighty Ducks
    MLB: St. Louis Cardinals
    NCAAB: North Carolina Tar Heels
    NCAAF: LSU Tigers

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    Apr 2009
    1. Location -Dallas,TX
    2. Favorite Current Saint -DREW BREES!!!!
    3. Favorite Former Saint -IRONHEAD BABY!!!
    4. How long have you been a Saints fan for? -From the whom to the tomb!
    5. How did you become a Saints fan? -I was smart as a kid
    6. Other sports you enjoy? What other sporting teams do you root for? -BBALL CFB LAKERS L.....S......U!!!!
    7. What's the story behind your User Name? -Self-explanatory
    8. If there is anything else you would like to add, feel free to do so. -Known for slapping a hater for saying "They gave yall the superbowl for Katrin....SLAP SLAP GET AWAY FROM ME BYTCH!!-Samson

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    Feb 2009
    Parts Unknown
    Wrong post

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