Yes, I'm bias because I'm a Cowboys fan...but you're comparing different eras. Troy was playing in a time when QBs didn't throw as much as they do now. Go back and compare those numbers to the QBs at the time...Aikman was in the top 10 across the board. That's why when Marino did what he did with the passing record, it was today's standard, it's not as big of a deal. Look at Matthew Stafford, for example, the kid threw for over 5000 yards and 41 TDs and he's not even a Pro Bowler???

Aikman won games....PERIOD!! He showed up in the playoffs and won when it counted. He has 3 rings to prove it. Where have the Cowboys been since he's left? 1 playoff victory, that's where. Yes, I get the fact that he had a hell of a team around him, but someone had to deal with the egos of those receivers and work with Emmitt Smith. He's in the HOF for a can't just look at numbers, but even if you do, he was very consistent year in and year out.