Over the summer, I posted a thread about a rumor in Anaheim, that reported that the Ducks offered Getzlof to Buffalo for Miller straight up and Darcy said no. Darcy reportedly wanted not only Getzlof for Miller, but he wanted 2 stud prospects as well.

Here we are again and the rumors are back. If it is true that Aneheim offered Getz for Miller straight up, I hope it gets back to Pegulla so they can fire is stupid a $$.

The reason the deal made sense was because the Ducks finished 4th in the confrence. They got great scoring from everyone, including the leagues only 50-goal scorer. The only thing they didnt have was a goalie, being Hiller had some Neurological problems that caused him to miss most of the season. Being that they were in 4th with Emery of all people as their goalie, it makes sense that one of their highest paid offensmen would become expandable for a goalie like Miller.

Then on the Sabres side, Miller didnt do anything all year. Then after he got hurt, Enroth took us from the 10th seed to 7th and proved plenty capable as a replacement. Then we loose in the first round of the playoffs because we had no scoring and we had no Centers.

So when you try to prove or disprove a trade rumor, this rumor definetly seemed realistic. In the playoffs last year, the Ducks lost in the first round, but scored 3 or more goals every game, but the goalie let in 5 and 6 per game. The Sabres loose in the first round, and get 2 1-0 shutout wins.

So my guess is this report out of Aneheim over the summer was true, but good ole Darcy once again shows that he over values our players so much and that we never get any trades done because of his stupidity. If anyone listened to Burkes comments about Darcy recently, we again have to say this rumor was true. He pretty much said that Darcy is the most ignorant GM in the league and that no team wants to deal with the Sabres because of it. Burke said that he offered Buffalo a 2nd round pick for Kennedy a couple years ago, and Darcy countered with a first and one of their top 3 prospects. Burke reminded everyone that the Sabres then released him in the off season over less than 50,000 in salary negotiations. As Ive said for 3 years now, FIRE DARCY.