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    Really blame what you want but there were missed calls on both teams and they happen and poor defense and weak goal tending in the last few minutes cost you the game and your right we will play again tomorrow.

    What has it been 11 or 12 games now that the leafs havent had a to kill off a penalty really no missed calls i believe that what was said during the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by T.O. RaPz--Le@F View Post
    There weren't a few missed calls..the calls cost us the game. Regardless, we'll see what happens tomorrow.
    dont even try dude youre just gonna make yourself more mad we got screwed of a win and your complaining to the winning side they dont care as long as they got their 2 pts theyre happy

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    I'm really not sure what you want us to say or do here. No one is disagreeing that the first goal should have counted and of course the outcome may be different. My roommate and I both saw the lack of interference, as well as the announcers.

    If you want to discuss the game here, that's fine but to come in and say we should have lost, when everyone agrees the first goal should have counted, I'm really not sure what you are expecting from that.

    Anyway, it was an entertaining game regardless. Both teams got a point and I am looking forward to a rematch tomorrow (today I guess)

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    The one player who surprised me last night? Old Steve Sullivan. The biggest difference I saw last night compared to others was he was prepared to take a hit on the boards to protect the puck. He drove around the boards, instead of holding up when he see a d-man coming along. There was a time during the game where he looked like Geno on the ice, skating circles around the entire Toronto team. I bashed Sully before about not being effective, but if he plays with that intensity night in and night out, I'll just have to keep my mouth shut from here on out.

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    Ya Sullivan played very well if he can keep it up the rest of the year and we get Sid back we are going have a good shot if we stay healthy and geno keeps it up

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    Sullivan always plays well against the leafs. He was a former leaf so maybe hes more motivated but hes been a leaf killer since he left.
    “It’s about winning,” Stoudemire said. “You win, you’re going to get on national TV. Simple. In Phoenix, we won — Western Conference finals three, four years, playoffs every year. We won. If you don’t win, nobody really wants to see you.”

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