Hard 8 Starkey (Bands, Pa): Was Ryan lavarnway on the bubble?

John Manuel: I'll take the baton from Jim Callis here ... Lavarnway had a modest amount of support in our internal discussions; no one had him in their top 100 but he had several top 150 supporters. The questions about his defense and how much he'll hit big league pitching kept him out of the list, for me.
DJ (NYC): Xander Bogaerts - % chance he hits 35Hrs at peak. % chance he stays at SS? If not SS, move to 3rd should be seamless, no?

Jim Callis: Considering he has only played a half-season in low Class A, I'd be conservative on Bogaerts. 35 homers = 70-75 power on the 20-80 scouting scale, and that's stretching it. I don't think he'll stay at shortstop, more because of his size than a lack of athleticism, but yes, his tools profile well at third base.
Marcos (NY): Can Xander Bogearts play CF in the future? Can you give me a scouting report on Blake Swihart. Is he the next Buster Posey?

J.J. Cooper: I wouldn't see him making it as center fielder. Xander is more likely to move to a corner, as he's got a chance to end up being pretty good sized. As far as the Swihart scouting report, we've broken him down for subscribers here: http://www.baseballamerica.com/onlin...2/2612768.html In the scouting report we said he had the Posey starter kit. Long way to go to get there though.
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