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    Feb 2009

    Red Wings iPhone 4 Wallpaper

    I made a Rangers and Flyers Winter Classic mobile wallpaper for my two brothers-in-law (who just happen to like the Rangers and Flyers). I got a couple requests to do a Red Wings one, so figured I'd throw it up for everyone.

    It's loosely based on the Red Wings Winter Classic jersey. Obviously the logo is the same, but I reversed the white and the red since the red as a primary looked better in my opinion. It was still kind of bland, so I threw up the Detroit Red Wings wordmark underneath as well.

    I'm not creating any wallpapers for any other types of phones. I'm not a Wings fan nor do I own an iPhone myself, so I don't know how it will look on your phone, but it should fit perfectly nonetheless.


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    Mar 2009
    Nice job.

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