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    Quote Originally Posted by pidg88 View Post
    Haha I'm agreeing with you it is aweful but I think some dedication in GR if he can just learn to be positionaly sound on the defensive end he should make out fine. Like I said he doesn't need to be good on our end, just not always a liability.
    Agreed. .. I just couldn't believe how bad he actually was. This was the first time that I've seen him, and wow. Laziest backchecker, and when it's in Finland's end, he's at the ****ing red line. He loses the puck a lot, turns it over, and his man always beats him.

    2 seasons at least in Grand Rapids.

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    Yep 2 seasons should do him well. I wouldnt say lazy, I would just say he doesnt feel like he has to play it...if that makes sense. But that is something that GR will teach him he has to do, because good defense creates more and better offense

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