A Chicago Bulls person of interest, Nikola Mirotic, had the cleanest game of his up-and-down season going 7-of-7 from inside the arc and missing his only three-point attempt for 17 points. He added eight rebounds and generally looked more comfortable than he had all year long—though the same could be said of Madrid’s entire team, as all 12 players saw the floor and 11 of 12 scored at least a pair of points.

The Bulls 2011 first-rounder came into this season having won two straight Rising Star Awards in the Euroleague (awarded to the best player 22 years of age or younger) and is a near lock to pick up another this May (Mirotic turns 22 this February)...

Mirotic’s tire treads have somehow gripped onto that very rare, fast, lubricated track toward Euroleague greatness, to the point where even leveling off at really good would be viewed as a huge disappointment. Most valuable prospect, no more; it’s MVP time for Mirotic, who was a consensus preseason All-Euroleaguer over at Euroleague Adventures.

Coming into this week he’d been good, but not necessarily better.

But before harping on the stagnation in the scoring department between last year and this, remember tRegihat the Euroleague is a competition dominated by grown men. Registering double figures at his age is uncommon; doing it for a Real Madrid team loaded with Europe’s elite—