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    If you were Pens GM this deadline who would you get?

    If I was in the Penguins from office of course I would be going for pure speed so Boedker, and Cogliano would be the two I go after. I also would go after Torres when I picked up Boedker from Phx, and try to trade Cooke in that trade just to add a minute amount of cap space. Finally I would end my trading by unloading Paul Martin to some team while trying to get Gleason added to our team.

    My trade bait would be: Tangradi, Martin, Cooke,Vitale, Jeffrey, Kennedy (if need be), Jason Williams, Brent Johnson, Niskanen (Only if we get get a great return for him) and draft picks

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    I like these to Boedker and Cogliano depending on cost. I like the idea of trading Martin because of our depth on d and his contract. His play of late has been alot better so his trade value is getting higher. I doubt anybody takes cooke due to past although he has been great this year so far. I would keep kennedy. He is a two way player that can play on any line and doesnt wine about it plus he took less money to stay in pitt in off season so he wants to be here. I love Jeffrey he is young and solid player who has developed nicely just derailed a bit by injury. Jeffrey is close to both of those to players not quite equal but close and no way on Niskanen he has been awesome this year finally living up to some of his potential, 25 pick overall in the 1st round, but i have always had a bit of a man crush on him any way since his days at University of Minnesota Duluth. Though with his play being so good his trade value also could be very high (like Martin). Tangradi is a high prospect who has looked pretty good, minus fighting , this year so he would be center piece of a big trade I think. What ever we do i dont want to jepordize resigning our own players this year and beyond. I do like Gleason as a stay at home d and I did read on a site and it was mentioned last night during game against montreal last night Hal Gill could be avaible and we could be interested. I would like a little more depth offensively on the wing. I guess alot will depend on health of team at the deadline. I like ruuto, prospal and hemsky dependind on what we could work out for a trade .
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