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View Poll Results: Should we fire Frazier for this idiotic move???

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    Jul 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by logan44 View Post
    I have given plenty of evidence of the mistakes he has made and why those mistakes are not good for this team.
    I've seen you list reasons, but they have more to do with Spielman than Frazier.

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    Love Frazier I really many fan bases truly like their coaches? I hear GB fans complain about their coach all the time. Is Frazier a HOF coach...probably not. He's a Tony Dungy/Lovie Smith we'll have our good seasons like this year and then next year we'll probably fall a bit. It just happens.

    Also there is one thing that does bother me and statistics can back this up through out history but nice guy coaches simply don't win. Dungy can be an exception but even then he was slightly above average and got fired at TB and then he found a QB. Time will tell but one thing we all know is that coach lives or dies most of the time on their QB.

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