The Capitals have been plagued by inconsistency in the net, not their defense nor the offense. Their were suggestions that Boudreau was keeping the reigns on Oveckhin's improvisation scoring tactics so it will be interesting to see if his play changes. Boudreau was the fasted coach in NHL history to 200 wins, I really dont think he was a bad hire nor do I believe the team is merely "not responding to him' that the "tank is empty" as Mcphee has suggested. If I may be so bold George, given our predicaments in net over the last 3 seasons and your recent history of changing out has been goaltenders for other has been goaltenders, is it not time to really make the investment in a younger proven stallwart in net? The shots we have allowed on goal are amongst the lowest in the league, our defense is playing fine, its our goaltenders plan and simple and this is most evident in the playoffs. It is ironic how when we had a terrific goal tender in Olie we had a horrible defense and now we have a very good d but not a goalie, thats the way the cookie crumbles I guess. I want to see Ovechkin return to form and I want Neuverith in net to gain the experience because both he and Voukun seem to be playing rather poorly and why not let the young guy get in a groove or see if he can maintain some consistent level of play, test him, during the season, and then if he is not working make that trade for a proven younger goaltender well before playoff time.