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    Bernie Nicholls he just such a smooth player. Was sooo bummed out when he was traded to the Rangers though the Kings did get some guy named Granato back in return. More recently, Adam Deadmarsh. Won't ever forget that over-time goal in game 6 against the Wings. Too bad his career was cut short though due concussions. As was said, loved that Deadmarsh, Allison, Ziggy line.
    "Obviously, my defense is so unbelievable, I don't even care about offense right now" --Tru Warier

    "It's almost like the Heat sent in their big brother..." -- Mark Jackson commentary during Lakers vs Spurs 3.6.2011 game.

    "A wasted year" -- Kobester

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    Toss up between Brian Boyle, Patrick O'Sullivan and Raitis Ivanāns...

    OK, so my actual favorite player would probably be Adam Deadmarsh. Him, Luc and Blake are probably my top three. I just loved how hard he played every shift and he would never wait for the game to come to him. I like Dustin Brown in a similar way, but Brown seems like he likes to talk a little bit more than Deadmarsh did, which I don't necessarily care for. Mattias Norstrom deserves an honorable mention as well, really nice guy.
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    Kill: Graham Harrell- he's the worst thing I've ever seen... God awful. When you're watching a game thinking "why are they letting a high school cancer patient play a preseason game for make a wish foundation, he could get hurt." Then realize he's a professional, he deserves to die.
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    Don't talk about proper writing if you're going to use Ellipsis like an *** clown.

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