This is the thread I will use to track the progress of my Mets fantasy team in MLB The Show. I have not played a season yet, but I have shaked-up the roster in major ways. I have Victor Martinez as the catcher, Pujols at 1B, Daniel Murphy at 2B, Reyes and Wright at SS and 3B respectively, CarGo in LF, Kemp in CF and Hunter Pence in RF. In addition, I have two aces in Josh Johnson and King Felix. I also have the NL's best closer in The Beard (Brian Wilson). This is my dream team, just like the '93 Chicago Bulls, or the Big 3 Miami Heat. I plan to win, not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven, but 8 championships. Maybe I am just going crazy (), but I think this team will win multiple championships. I plan to start my franchise on Tuesday, November 29, 2011, right after I am done with my college projects! Our home stadium will be our Mets beloved, crappy, extremely ugly and weirdly beautiful old home, William A. Shea Municipal Stadium, just to have that nostalgic feel. As Bart Scott would say, Can't Wait!