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another player using ny to get more money, he dont want to come here. plus, we going to suck for another 2 years, save the money.
We still need a competent closer and it's not like he's going to require "premier closer" money. He's 37 years old and is coming off of TJ surgery. Maybe 4 or 5 years ago he would've gotten a big, multi-year deal, but I think he'll sign a 1-year deal full of incentives. I'd even sweet the pot with a vesting option.

I was on the Bobby Parnell bandwagon, but he didn't show much. He really needs to work on his slider and he can be a legit late inning reliever. Maybe he'll start to pitch better with Bones in the bullpen and he can close for us in '13, but there's no way I go into ST without a legit closer signed and SA seems to feel the same way.