2 major problems here:
1) JM has lost the team and needs to go. He's NEVER won a single thing in his career as a coach. He did take a lousy Ottawa team and made them competative. He's taken a competative Habs team and has made them average at best.
2) Upper management chose loyalty over common sense. They should have re-signed Wisniewski and not Markhov. Wisniewski was healthy and has a ring from his days in Anaheim. Markhov has been injured the better part of the last 2 years. The Habs were expecting Markhov to be the anchor of the PP. That hasn't worked too well.
The Habs just traded for Tomas Kaberle. Talk about a desperation move. Markhov is a defensive liability and will only add to the defenseive problems the Habs hae had all season.