I'm not one to usually panic, but it's almost the end of the first month and my beloved Habs are in last place with a solitary win in Winnipeg. That means they suck profusely.
The Habs allowed the most goals in pre-season, which never bothers me, but now it's carrying on in the regular season.
Their powerplay is absolutely innefective. Their D is attrocious. Their offense is non-existant.
Apart from offense, defense, penalty kill and power play, they're brilliant.
Admittedly, they made a terrible decision to trade Wisnewsky and keep Markov and they have started the year with injuries, but this is beginning to look like last year's Devils team.
Since you can't trade an entire team, the regrettable choice is the coach. Do you bite the bullett and dump Jacques Martin? If so, who do you hire?
I say he's lost the team and needs to go.
While your at it, trade Andrei Kostitsyn and try to trade Scott Gomez. If you cant find a trade partner to take Gomez, release him. He's an abomination. Kostitsyn is an absolute cancer in the clubhouse.
But back to Martin's replacement, how about Kirk Muller? or Steve Schutt? Both were effective assistant coaches and the Habs really like Muller?