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    Flames Interested in Kyle Turris?

    My HNIC Hotstove colleague Elliotte Friedman says the Flames have exhibited interest in Phoenix holdout centre Kyle Turris, but the Coyotes say if he plays at all, itíll be in Phoenix. Feaster refused comment Ö

    12) Who's interested in Turris? Calgary, for sure. The problem is, I don't think the Flames have what Phoenix would need. Not exactly loaded with prospects, does it make sense to trade high picks or a prospect like Mikael Backlund for Turris? (Then again, I'm not even sure the Coyotes would make a Backlund-Turris deal.)

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    To put him where? He's not a #1 centre at this point, and then there's Jokinen, Morrison, Stajan, and Backlund who are all around #2 or so. 2nd liners, and fringe 2nd liners seems to be the story of Iginla's career.

    Kyle Turris isn't going to be cheap. Sure he was rushed into the NHL, but this guy is coming off a great playoff series against Detroit, he's like 22, and was drafted like third overall.

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    If Turris is in our lineup, he'll be playing. There aren't going to let Matt Stajan, Olli Jokinen or Brendon Morrison take a spot in the lineup over a potential young stud like Turris, when we have zero youth in our lineup already.

    I'd love to get him, but I don't know what it would take, and it doesn't sound like the Coyotes will trade him anyways.

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