I haven't been able to see much lately either.

I have been stuck in a viscious cycle of having to work ... and not being able to utilize the center ice thing that i paid half of my income to get ...

I caught a the end of the game over the weekend ... the part I saw kind of mirrored the season so far, rely on the shooters to bail out the lack of defense.

I guess with Ohlund and Hedman down and Brewer not really showing what he did for us last year its going to be a year where the play of Vinny Stammer StLouis Purcell and suprisingly Connally are really going to have to make up the difference.

And the great thing is Vinny really seems to be back to form finally ... it took a long time after that shoulder surgery, but he looks like the Vinny of 2004 again ... wich is awesome for us.