Have to agree with Gallagher here ...

And so it begins once again.

Just when you were thinking that reason might prevail when it came to the treatment of young players in this organization, Alain Vigneault pushed it back into the twilight zone Tuesday with his dis to the team's '08 first round draft pick Cody Hodgson.

In a year when Ryan Kesler is hurt and there is finally an opportunity to get the gifted kid a bona fide look in a top six spot in his right position, the first signal the player gets from his coach is yet another shot across the bow.

The Calgary version of the split squad Canucks was a complete waste of time for Hodgson and for Schneider (not to mention the entire organization, why bother if you're going to ice a "lineup" like that?). Brutal really. But Gallagher has it right about Hodgson especially IMO. When does Gillis step in a lay down the law with AV about his treatment of Gillis' first pick? Thoughts?