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    He answered one of my questions....I hope he responds to my Q about the pitching.

    Camden Maron (Huntington, NY): I hit .318 with excellent plate discipline in my first season of professional ball in Kingsport as a left-hand hitting catcher. I have good size and should fill out with projectable power. Was I overlooked because I was a 34th round draft pick?

    Matthew Eddy: You're right, Kingsport C Cam Maron does have an intriguing profile as a lefty-swinging catcher with a chance to hit for average. He made the league's postseason all-star team and projects to hit for solid average because he has a quick bat, hits different types of pitching and uses the whole field. As to his defense, one manager said it best, "There an old saying: When you don't notice the catcher or umpire, then they're doing a great job."
    I'd say that's a fairly favorable opinion overall.
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    "The 90 wins is about challenge. It's about changing the conversation. It's about framing questions for ourselves as to how we get there. So I stand by the notion that we need to get better, and in doing so we need to set concrete goals for ourselves so that we have sort of specific conversations among ourselves about how we're going to get there." -- Mr. Alderson

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