It's obvious this team needs some help going into 2012. If you were SA, what are you doing?

1) Resign Reyes. When he is right, he is one of the most exciting players in the game, worth the price of admission.

2) Listen or pursue offers for Jason Bay. Good guy, not so good player. He has the Ed Whitson curse. Stars anywhere he plays, except New York. I would seriously offer him and a young prospect back to the Sox for Carl Crawford. Numbers on Bay and Crawford are very similar. Money is almost a wash. Crawford and his speed would add defense to LF and provide Reyes with a running partner at the top of the lineup. bay best season professionally was in Beantown.

3) Help out the pitching staff. A couple of low risk moves, similar to Capuano and Young, only for the bullpen. Izzy was a nice story this season and made a contribution, but we need a closer. It may be Parnell, but an insurance policy would go a long way in cutting back the use of Maalox.