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    Jul 2011
    My opinions, no research.

    - Wes Welker- Yes
    - Donovan McNabb - Yes
    - Frank Gore- No
    - Chad OchoCinco- No
    - Reggie Wayne- Yes
    - Eli Manning- No
    - London Fletcher- No, but one of the most underrated players ever
    - Jay Cutler- No
    - Matt Schaub - No
    - Brian Urlacher = Yes
    - Antione Winfield - No
    - Adrian Wilson- No
    - Darren Sharper- Yes

    I might have been too generous, but oh well

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    Feb 2007
    Welker - Not yet. But will make his way in with a few more seasons like this or a superbowl MVP.
    McNabb - Tough call. I say no but everybody will say yes.
    Gore - No
    OchoCinco - No
    Wayne - No
    Eli Manning - Yes
    Fletcher - Yes
    Cutler - No
    Schaub - Not right now.
    Urlacher - Yes
    Winfield - No
    Wilson - No
    Sharper - Yes

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    Nov 2011
    - Wes Welker yes
    - Donovan McNabb no
    - Frank Gore not sure
    - Chad OchoCinco not sure
    - Reggie Wayne yes
    - Eli Manning yes
    - London Fletcher yes
    - Jay Cutler no
    - Matt Schaub no
    - Brian Urlacher yes
    - Antione Winfield no
    - Adrian Wilson yes
    - Darren Sharper yes

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    Mar 2009
    Jersey Shore
    Welker- No, started too late and no enough TD's
    McNabb- I'd say yes but he is borderline
    Gore- No, great RB but never stood out as one of the best
    Ochocinco- Borderline, overall no, he didn't last long enough and rubbed ppl the wrong way.
    Wayne- Yes, but borderline, Ochocinco was better but Wayne was more consistent.
    Eli Manning- Too early to tell but if he keeps this up
    Fletcher- Yes, so underrated
    Cutler- Haha
    Schaub- No, not a top QB, just very good
    Urlacher- Yes
    Winfield- No
    Wilson- No
    Sharper- Yes, he has the numbers, the rep, and the SB

    If I'm voting (and I hate Eli)- I say McNabb, Wayne (but who knows w/ Cris Carter still waiting), Eli, Fletcher, Urlacher, and Sharper get in.

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