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    Aug 2010

    Texas A&M to SEC?

    What do you guys think about these rumors? It would help with adding Houston and Dallas markets, Texas recruiting grounds, adding a solid academic school and a school with money. I would assume Oklahoma would be next...

    I'm not sure how the "natural rivals" would fit but it could completely be rearrainged. Arkansas would have good rivals.

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    Aug 2011
    I think that they don't know what they are asking. They are wanting to transfer to a much tougher conference and therefore relegate themselves to obscurity until they can get the recruiting classes to compete. I do think it's a smart business move because once they get fully entrenched, they will reap the rewards of playing in the best conference in all college football. I believe Collin Cowheard said something along the lines of they are going from playing Texas and getting a black eye once a year to getting gut punched for an entire season.

    If the SEC does expand to 14 teams, I don't think that it will be Oklahoma taking that last spot, it will be either Mizzou or Virginia Tech IMO. I would like to see Gorgia Tech or Florida State but Georgia and Florida will block those guys coming in.

    Either way, there is plenty of time before all of this happens so it will be interesting to watch it unfold.

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    Feb 2007
    Texas teams like A&M are sort of the best candidates for expansion because there aren't any teams currently in the conference from Texas. It's already been noted that from a recruiting standpoint, Florida would have a problem with Florida State, Georgia with Georgia Tech, South Carolina with Clemson, etc.

    I'm pretty sure TCU has already committed to a future move to the Big East, but they and A&M would make for ideal additions to the conference in my mind.

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