So heres the plan: In june of next year I want to compete in the Hercules show

Im currently sitting anywhere from 180-185..I want to bulk up to around 210 and then cut and compete at 190-195. My idea is to dirty bulk up to 195ish and then clean bulk the remaining 10-15 pounds. Since the show is in June I estimate my cut to start in April..I have a fast fast fast metabolism so that should assist in that aspect. This is gonna take a **** load of dedication but I want to prove it to myself that I can do it. Of course I would LOVE to win but just getting in good enough shape to compete will be an accomplishment. What I need from you guys is criticism and critiquing of my workouts/diet. Also dont be afraid to throw in a compliment

Ill be taking current pictures in the coming days and then again once a month i think.

My current split is as follows
Day 1 - Chest/abs
Day 2 - Back
Day 3- Legs/abs
Day 4- Arms
Day 5 - shoulders/abs

usually i take 2 days off a gonna dedicate one of those days to cardio and abs once it gets closer to show time.