I haven't been able to sleep and I'm not working today so I'm rambling now. hoping this will lull me to sleep.....

anyway I've been watchiing football and got excited so I thought I'd write all the potential for why this may be the best offense yet for the texans. in this thread i'm assuming lestar jean and dorin dickerson make the team as well as lawrence vickers (and i'm probably the only person assuming his job is on the line) i'm also assuming slaton either gets cut or goes on ir. he's not practicing right now, it's not supposed to be serious but there just aren't roster spots.

Matt Schaub-I think this is the year he finally becomes elite.He's been very good, but he's made mistakes at inopportune times, tried to do too much with an immature offense that revolved around dre. this year he has more weapons then he's ever had before. Duane Brown was really good at the end of last season and if he can maintain that, and winston can step his game back up to his '08 form, the running game and the line should keep schaub up for a career low sack number, he needs to seriously focus on holding onto the football. he fumbled 9 times last season. we lost 3 of them, but nine is way too many. although when he did get hit he often got hit hard.

Arian Foster-reports are he looks even better then last year and he certainly looked great against the st.'s he may not have as many yards as he did last year but he should make more big plays. (hard to imagine when he was already one of the best at it last year)

Ben Tate-What a perfect complement to foster. He looked like a mature youngster with a world of talent out there saturday nght. 10 yards a carry. i know it's all preseason but that still very good. he's got track star speed and bowling ball power. he'd be a starter on most teams.

Derrick Ward-the dirty worker. the guy who gets the tough inside yards, last year ward scored every 12th time he got touched the ball...and nfl best. he showed he still has a knack for the big play and is just another ace up the texans sleeve.

James Casey-he's delivering a pop just about every time he hits someone so far, and he's playing high. once he learns to get low and use his leverage he's going to plow people. another year or two of weight gain and we may have another all pro blocker but not yet. what casey lacks in blocking though he more than makes up for in his versatility. he's going to be a match up nightmare, he'll work in open space a lot ocming out of the back field and he'll motion out to tight end in audibles to take advantage of personel mismatches. casey has been busting his butt for the last few years trying to earn a chance and he has it. he's not going to blow it.

Lawrence vickers-i'm assuming he makes the team though i think he's expendable now. he's an extremely passionate guy who's a real thumper, and can also make the catches out of the backfield. look for a lot of 3 back sets with both casey and vickers blocking for foster. kubiak will come up with a way to utilize his two guys. he loves those big guys.

Owen Daniels-they're saying he looks better than he ever has in his career. schaub is 10 times better when owen is healthy and the whole offense runs smoother when he's out there. he's blocking better than he ever has so far in the preseason and he's set for a pro bowl year.

joel dreessen-i'm personally not a fan of the guy. i think he's the weak one of the bunch, but he's a decent blocker. last season he seemed more sure handed and i'll give him that, if he continues it this season he'll earn one more fan but i've seen him drop too many easy ones in past seasons and he seemed scared of the ball almost. last season again, not so much.

Garret Grahham. idk much about this kid, i think he caught a pass in one of the games, but he's suppose to be OD2.0. after a year learning the offense maybe he'll be ready to step up when he's called upon this year.

Andre Johnson-nuff said

Kevin Walter-they're saying this is the best he's looked his career as well. idk if it'll hold up for the passing game but there's not a harder working blocking reciever in the nfl imo. all the texans recievers block well but walter accells. he also has the nack for the clutch first down when the texans need it.

Jacoby jones-he sucked at the beginning of last season but there was a game late where 'dre got in his face and he just turned it on. finished with 54 catches and seems loads more mature this year. I think jacoby may finally be ready to take the step towards consistancy. if he does that he could fnish with 60-70 catches easily.

Dorin Dickerson-built lke a linebacker, runs like a receiver. Dorin will be battling it out with lestar jean for the number 4 spot. he made a big play last preseason and was cheated a touchdown by schaub on a bad pass late last season. he may not have big numbers but i think his presense will be felt more than david anderson's was. he's a big guy who'll be able to go up and fight for the ball, and run with it.

lestar jean-johnathan joseph supposedly told kubiak that lestar is the second hardest texans reciever to cover man to man...dre being number one. that's a big compliment and this young guy could see time sooner than later. he made two hard catches, not great but hard catches good nfl recievers make, against the jets. he's another big guy who can block and go up and get it. the texans receivers are a tall bunch this year.

the emergance of lestar jean, dorin, and jacoby (consistancy wise) open up the field a lot for andre, as does bringing back owen daniels, having foster, tate, and ward, casey and vickers, graham and dreessen. every player is a complete player, every running back can run inside, outside, run screense, run flares, can block for the passer, both full backs can block well and catch it. all three tight ends are receiving threats, one of whom can stretch the field, 3 out of your five recivers can stretch the field in a blink of an eye, all 5 can block and all 5 should be rare drops this season. they're all big guys who'll be good in the red zone.

if schaub didn't have a running game he could probably throw for 5000