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    Need some help talking to an ***

    didnt change anything angie.. when Kobe's teams didnt have a high % scorer in the post how did those teams do?
    Lets see... post Shaq:
    2004-05 - no 50% shooter. No playoffs. Kobe averages 27ppg
    2005-06 - Kobe averages 35ppg, no post scorer, first round exit
    2006-07 - Kobe 31ppg, another first round (1-4) exit.
    2007-08 - ah ha! In comes Gasol, Bynum plays a bigger role and Lakers go to finals. Notice a trend?
    So thanks and yea... you can build an offense around a 44% shooter just fine. That will take to the lottery and 3 first round exits.
    You act like I make stuff up. This is basketball. I know my ****. Teams with high % scoring win more. Its simple.
    This is why Kobe isnt Jordan. Jordan was a + 50% shooter (AMAZING for guard). Kobe IS LEAGUE AVERAGE and you want to ride that? Ride it right to ping pong balls and first round exits. What Kobe is is the best finisher in the league since Jordan.
    Thats the roll I have proposed for ****. As you can see the shots are always there. But ****needs to play off the higher % shooters.
    Otherwise, just like Kobe we will ride **** to another one and done come next spring.
    Now anji... say something that makes some sense dude
    This guy believes Laker are not centered around Kobe offensively and I think he is an ***.
    My mama said pray for them ****** that hate
    They just wanna be in your place.........

    Shine on shine on shine on them ******
    Shine on them ****** (what it ain't what it is)
    Shine on them ****** (what it ain't what it is)
    Shine on them ****** (what it ain't what it is)
    Shine on shine on shine on them ******

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    I dont think its about having a post player, its just about having a reliable second option. He didn't have that post shaq

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    Simply ignore them if they aren't being reasonable when you debate with them.

    This isn't the place to ask this (especially with the title you gave the thread). /thread

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