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    104,701 podcast interview with Braves' GM AA

    It's a Great interview and I encourage everyone to listen. They discuss AA's personal life, career and some free-agent recruiting techniques and how he plans to get the Braves back into the playoffs.

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    After listening to this, knowing the connection between the two and reading the "tea leaves", I am 1,000% sure AA is going to put a full court press on Donaldson in free agency! We may not get him but it won't be for a lack of trying. I also read somewhere today that we should trade Ender. If you do that (depending on the return) and move Acuna to CF (to maximize his defensive value) then you'd think you'd add an extra hole to fill (RF with Markakis leaving and LF if you trade Ender) but I read another report that Dustin Peterson is making a push to make the roster sooner rather than later so that would leave only RF and catcher as holes after this season in this scenario but if Alex Jackson continues his progression at this rate and can play catcher then I think it's reasonable to ask Flowers to back him up and tutor Jackson, I think at this point in his career Flowers would be open to it and certainly be a professional about the situation. That would only leave RF open once again depending on what you get back IF you trade Ender. Would you rather keep Ender and have to fill more holes or roll the dice on trading him at his highest possible value? I love Ender to death but it's just food for thought.

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    Iím not against trading Ender, however it would take one hell of a package! As Iíve stated before his value is the highest itís likely ever been and possibly ever will be. Possibly not saying he canít repeat last season, but it was very good for him and not easily achieved. So you have at least listen to offers, no disrespect intended toward Ender.

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    You know what helps young pitching? Great OF D, but yea lets trade a GG CF... Moving him doesn't make any sense unless your getting a stupid haul. That will never happen anyways.

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    I don't see a reason to trade Ender at all. Acuna can play RF and Peterson can play LF if he ends up being a solid player. Trading Ender only opens another hole for us IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamba42 View Post
    I don't see a reason to trade Ender at all. Acuna can play RF and Peterson can play LF if he ends up being a solid player. Trading Ender only opens another hole for us IMO.
    Like SB said, if a huge package is offered then I would consider but otherwise no reason to trade Inciarte. Having potentially 2 gold glove caliber OFs in CF and RF is ideal for our young staff.
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