Had Mcgrady gone to Chicago in 2001, how good could the Bulls had been?


In the summer of 2000, McGrady was feted at his gate by the Luvabulls, a band playing "Sweet Home Chicago" and Benny the Bull. All they were missing were some fire-eaters and snake charmers. And, oh yeah, a shot at landing him.

At the time, the world at his fingers, McGrady all but patted Krause on his melon and went about his merry way to Orlando, where he joined Grant Hill as a powerhouse duo that accomplished absolutely nothing in their tenure, aside from saving millions in income tax.
Let's say he knows about Grant Hill's injury and thus he probably doesn't sign in Orlando.

This means the Bulls don't have Ron Mercer, but rather Mcgrady to pair with Elton Brand who was a 20 and 10 player and a 2nd year Artest and Brad Miller.

Lineup would have been something of the following:

PG Bryce Drew
SG Tracy Mcgrady
SF Ron Artest
PF Elton Brand
C Brad Miller