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    Quote Originally Posted by dashripdot View Post
    Then the league will have to stop making money. The cap and floor are tied to annual revenues through escalator clauses negotiated and agreed to by both sides. Those teams who have to make silly signings this year to get to the floor were underspending to begin with, and it showed (Avs, Isles, Panthers). It likely will change in the next CBA, but not as drastically as many people think.
    Oh ya I realize how it's done but maybe instead of just spending it all every year they bank it for bad times, donate to minor hockey or use it for grants for upgrade to arena's etc etc so the ticket prices don't continue to chase the salaries and team expenses. At some point this model is going to fail, I guess it is in certain markets and we're gonna have what we have in Toronto where it's only the rich that can afford to watch the games and families have to take out a mortgage to go. The hockey atmosphere is slowly dying in Toronto as suited big wigs buy up the seats and either rarely use them or have 0 interest in the game itself. Just my two cents.

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    Good signing.
    Good contract for a guy who is a leader and solid on both ends,plus he's only 25.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bsi View Post
    Are you backtracking a lil bit? lol. Great to see him resigned atleast, now to get Cally done. Excited for the coming year. Go Rangers.
    No not at all. When we originally discussed his contract it was before the cap increased 5 mill. As we saw soon after the cap increased players got a ton more money. Its just common sense that more cap room for more teams allows players to get more money.

    That extra 5 mill the rangers had allowed dubi to get an extra mill imo
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    If he got this without arbitration, what the hell WOULD they have rewarded him with? It is a little high compared to certain contracts over the last few years but I still feel like this is a decent deal.

    I'm looking forward to this upcoming season... just gotta get Cally on board now.

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    I think it's a fair contract considering his place on this team. Like someone else said in this thread, he was our top scorer with leads in assists and goals and is also a vocal player who does provide his skill. I feel that next season there is only one direction for Dubinsky to go and that is up. Especially the raise he just got and the fact that Sather didn't let it go to arbitration shows that the organization wants him there, so hopefully he'll see that as a way to put his money where his mouth is and have an even better season.

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    The way the contract is staggered is appropriate because it accounts for cap inflation as well as expected production.

    3.75 the first 2 years and 4.65 the last 2 years.

    Also, the last 2 years of this contract are UFA years for Dubinsky, it costs money to buy UFA years.

    Let's hope that Callahan doesn't get a 4 year contract because then we would have Dubinsky, Staal and Callahan as UFA's all in the same year.
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    4.2 is a bit too much personally....but all in all a good signing

    props to sfgiants5518

    GO 'CUSE

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    Good news,lets sing Cally and fast forward to October!

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    I agree 4 mill is a little steep .. i like him though he skates hard and has true grit.. makes some nice moves and can move away from defenders fast .. like to see his goal total to go up .. to earn that 4 mill .. was the leading scorer on our team cuz we had noone else ... gabby was cold all year , cally hurt and prospal.. unfortunately wolski making like 4 mil also .. sucks to see him go , but he would leave us with no cap flexability and every team needs it in case of injurys ... so looks like wolski is on his way out ...

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