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HUGE golfer!!! I live in NYC so idk if you care about the courses. My handicap swings between 7-9. On a Par 70 course ill shoot anywhere from +3 to +12. I play around 4-5 rounds/week during the summer months and 2-3/week in fall/spring. If you are ever in NYC and want to go... let me know. My brother lives in Chicago and he is a golfer too, but he is a Jets fan... nobodys perfect We are going to the Bears game in Chitown and are definitely playing some golf Saturday before the game!!!
Cool. I'm a 10 right now, but moving down. Shot a couple 75's in the last 2 weeks replacing a coupe high 80's on the handicap card. Any idea what courses you're going to play in the Chi? I'm an hour west. Actually was looking at going to that game too. I picked up 10 tickets for the New Years day game against the Bears already.