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    Trade for Freeney?!

    The Jacksonville Jaguars have been looking to add another defensive end to add opposite Jeremy Mincey after re-signing Mincey to a new deal in free agency. The team waited for the market to die down a bit before they jumped back in the pool, but according a very reliable Big Cat Country source, the Jaguars have traded an undisclosed draft pick and running back Rashad Jennings to the Indianapolis Colts for defensive end Dwight Freeney. Freeney will need to restructure his contract before the trade is completed, as he holds a pretty high salary for the 2012 NFL season.

    The Colts are making the change to a 3-4 defense and Freeney had made it known he did not want to play stand up linebacker and preferred to play 4-3 defensive end. The Colts also signed Robert Mathis is a big time deal in the offseason, meaning the Colts had a ton of money tied up in their defensive ends and they're a team on the rebuild.

    I'll have more information on the terms of the trade later in the d

    So this was reported by Alfie couple minutes ago... For real or april fools?
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    If we were to trade for him, it'd have to be for a late pick because they may still cut him. I also don't like the one year rental at a ridiculously high price.


    I just saw it was an Alfie post. Not buying it.

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    lol, it's an April Fool's joke. Look at the link in the url bar at the top, it even says it. I was pumped when I saw it, but than I saw the whole link.

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