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this might be off topic but how about trading for or sending an offersheet to ted purcell or dubinsky....i know both will be getting in the 3mill range but with the teams that need to hit cap minimum we could easily make moves

both tampa and NY are going to struggle to sign them

well like joeyc has said numerous times, extending an offer sheet to a player is just considered bad form and is frowned upon.

the purcell situation will be more clear once stamkos is signed/traded. whenever that occurs, purcell will be dealt i imagine.

as for dubinsky, i doubt the rangers would trade him to a division opponent, especially one they hate so much.

honestly there isn't much room for either of those players on the roster. however, if the price is right, i could see it happening.

i'd be more interested in purcell. if dubinsky shaved his stupid mustache maybe i'd warm up to him more