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    Quote Originally Posted by 1908_Cubs View Post
    I highly doubt there is any sort of lockout. Neither party is dumb enough to get to that point again because they both know it's death to the league.

    They'll be fine. This is not the NFL where the prospect is only losing money. This is the league's life. Much like baseball after their lock out, their next CBA was cake city and went off without hitch.
    This. They aren't stupid. They'll posture, but in the long run, they know that going to a lockout is suicide. They'll get a deal done.
    <Meaning and Content>

    ...And did you see that Giroux goal?

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    they wont go to a lockout again, ill bet just about anything that wont happen again, hockey lost so much support after that and its going to gain popularity being on of the 3 major sports left which will force sports center to make barry melrose's part from 5 minutes to 10 minutes :0, if there is a lockout there will be a even larger dropoff in support and fans

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    Bryzgalov and Leino -

    Signing bonuses are the ‘new normal’ as a potential lockout year approaches

    by George Malik
    Kuklas Korner
    07/20/11 at 05:53 PM ET

    The vast majority of this summer’s high-profile free agent signings have involved gigantic signing bonuses, and as the Globe and Mail’s James Mirtle suggests, the Sabres’ latest signing, a re-signing in Andrej Sekera, represents a trend in which players are now receiving somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-60% of their contract via front-loaded bonuses, including money that’s owed to the player regardless of whether there’s a lockout during the 2012-2013 season:

    It wasn’t a contract that drew much attention leaguewide, and certainly not on the day that Steven Stamkos finally signed, but there was an interesting wrinkle in Buffalo Sabres defenceman Andrej Sekera’s new four-year, $11-million deal yesterday. The contract wasn’t just front-loaded: It was heavily so, with $6-million – or 55 per cent of the contract – due in the next 11.5 months.

    (As one agent put it after seeing the figures: “It’s a new world order in Buffalo!”)

    Sekera’s deal comes with a $3-million signing bonus this season and another $1.75-million signing bonus on July 1, 2012, which gives him the type of “lockout insurance” many players are building into their deals these days and front loads a front-loaded deal even more than normal with the lump sum payments. Even if the NHL misses time with a work stoppage, Sekera will likely have more than half of his salary, guaranteed. (How exactly signing bonuses work depends on the language in the contract but, by design, that’s the intent of all of these 2012 ones that have been showing up.)

    As such, the signing bonus list Mirtle cobbled together via figures, involves over $40 million in signing bonuses to be doled out during the next season alone:


    1. Brad Richards, NY Rangers, $10-million
    2. Christian Ehrhoff, Buffalo, $8-million
    3. Ilya Bryzgalov, Philadelphia, $5-million
    4. Kevin Bieksa, Vancouver, $4.5-million
    5. Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay, $4-million
    6. Erik Cole, Montreal, $3-million
    7. Andrej Sekera, Buffalo, $3-million
    8. James Wisniewski, Columbus, $2-million
    9. Martin St. Louis, Tampa Bay, $1.5-million
    10. Steve Montador, Chicago, $1-million


    1. Brad Richards, NY Rangers, $8-million
    2. Christian Ehrhoff, Buffalo, $5-million
    3. Kevin Bieksa, Vancouver, $3.5-million
    4. Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay, $3.5-million
    5. James Wisniewski, Columbus, $3-million
    6. Marty St. Louis, Tampa Bay, $2-million
    7. Erik Cole, Montreal, $2-million
    8. Dan Hamhuis, Vancouver, $2-million
    9. Brent Seabrook, Chicago, $2-million
    10. Andrej Sekera, Buffalo, $1.75-million

    This list doesn’t take into account something revealed via Twitter just a few minutes ago—Ville Leino’s contract with the Buffalo Sabres includes a $5 million signing bonus for the 2011-2012 season and a $4 million signing bonus for the 2012-2013 season. Yowza.


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