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    Jul 2011
    The more I look at these trades and signings the more I like them. We only have 5 guys projected to be on the 23 man roster over the age of 30. Tallon signed tons of guys with plenty of talent who haven't put it all together yet due to youth, injuries, opportunity, etc. He gave himself the chance to sign these guys to reasonable contracts and to become 25 to 30 goal scorers and to move them on in the future in order to move Hubredeau, Howden, etc. up to the NHL.

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    Woo hoo

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    Jun 2009
    Can't wait for the season to start. I definitely think the Panthers are on the rise.

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    Feb 2005
    Huberdeau looks amazing so far, lead the league in PP goals for preseason. The kid has talent, I hope they give him 9 before sending him own to get bigger.

    Plus it will be interesting to see how Markstrom does if he gets to backup with clemmenson out
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